Disengaged Learners

Tuesday 12 December • 9am - 12pm • Beechwood Junior School

An all too common problem in classrooms around the world, disengaged learners consume the time, effort and motivation of staff. Suitable for all TA’s as well as less experienced teachers, this workshop looks at ways to identify, challenge and motivate children that are disengaged from their learning. The session will discuss the important part support staff play in getting children wanting to learn and how they can make minor adjustments to their working practice that can have positive effects on disengaged learners.


Becoming an Inspiring Leader, Not a Manager.

Wednesday 17 January • 9am - 3:30pm • Beechwood Junior School

Motivating a team is not an easy job when you have Key Stage test results to analyse, lessons to plan, meetings to attend and the list goes on. This course gives existing and potential middle and senior leaders the space to think about their role or potential role as a leader within their team, and provides tips on how to develop teams to become leaders themselves.

By the end of the workshop delegates will:
• Understand leadership theory
• Identify the difference between leadership and management
• Reflect on their leadership style
• Create a personal development plan in order to become an inspirational leader


Creating a Whole School Learning Culture (Day 2 of 2)

Tuesday 23 January • 8:45am - 4pm • Beechwood Junior School

This course will enable participants to explore a model for putting key learning behaviours (Resilience, Critical Thinking, Reflection, Creativity, Independence and Teamwork) at the heart of a school’s curriculum so they become both explicit and implicit parts of a learners’ entitlement. It will develop participants’ understanding of the core elements of each learning behaviour and how they look as they develop through a child’s time at a school. It will look at practical pedagogical tools and strategies to develop these learning dispositions into everyday classroom practice, the curriculum and the culture of the school. It will also explore the importance of the effective leadership of these learning elements and provide some time for networking and action planning to secure effective implementation.

Participants will:
• Acquire a clear understanding of how the 6 elements of learning fit into the Curriculum to promote metacognition, self-regulation and growth mindsets through purposeful and engaging learning
• Develop a clear leadership strategy and action plan to introduce and embed the elements into the school’s curriculum
• Gain clarity on the components and progression with the elements of resilience, critical thinking, reflection, creativity, independence and teamwork
• Develop a toolkit of practical strategies and pedagogical approaches to embed each element into classroom practice and integrate it into the school curriculum.


Behaviour Management – TA’s

Thursday 8 February • 9am - 12pm • Beechwood Junior School

TA’s and other support staff play an important role in the behaviour of children in schools. This workshop explores the individual role a TA plays within the school’s behaviour policy. The session will allow TA’s the chance to reflect on their experiences and plan for ways they can play a greater part in behaviour management in school. Topics covered include: Establishing ground rules, building rapport, building confidence to deal with behaviours and developing the ability to react to what is being said rather than how it is being said.


Safer Recruitment

Monday 19 March • 9am - 1pm • Beechwood Junior School

Through a mixture of tutor led delivery and delegate participation our training will equip you with the latest information on safer recruitment practices and help you gain the safeguarding skills you need to better protect pupils when recruiting.
The course is developed in line with the DfE statutory guidance ‘Keeping Children Safe in Education’.

By the end of this course participants will be able to:
• Explain the key features of recruitment and selection that prevent the appointment of unsuitable people
• Identify the key features of a safe school culture