Giving Feedback

Friday 20 October • 9am - 3pm • Beechwood Junior School

If teachers feel confident to provide each other with feedback, the practice within the school will rocket. An openness to sharing feedback can also ensure issues are addressed before conflict occurs. This course goes through the principles of giving and receiving feedback and the steps required to successfully deliver difficult messages. It also aims to enable you to reduce office politics and assist with relationship building, therefore create strong teams.

By the end of the workshop you will:
• Understand the importance of feedback
• Feel confident to give peer to peer and upwards feedback
• Have the confidence to reflect on feedback and act on it
• Create a culture of feedback in your team


Effective Performance Management

Tuesday 31 October • 9am - 12:30pm • Beechwood Junior School

The course outlines the performance management cycle and the Manager’s role within it, including tips on giving effective feedback and handling difficult discussions.

Participants will learn:
• What performance management is and why it is important
• What the performance cycle is
• How self-assessment and self-appraisal can help you as a Manager
• How to give effective feedback
• How to handle difficult performance discussions – especially relating to poor performance


Influencing Skills

Wednesday 1 November • 9am - 4pm • Beechwood Junior School

Influencing other people is a crucial business skill. Learning how to influence is an essential development skill for any employee no matter what their role in the organisation. The skills developed will positively impact the organisation, such as making management more effective at influencing desired results, empowering individuals to innovate and drive positive change and giving any customer facing employees the ability to arrive at more positive outcomes.

Participants will be able to:
• State the fundamental principles of influencing other people individually or in groups
• Describe the role of power with regards to influencing
• Identify their preferred influencing style and the impact this has on others
• Identify ‘barriers’ and ‘enablers’ to influencing
• Describe and demonstrate their influencing skills via group exercise


Building Resilience

Thursday 2 November • 9am - 3:15pm • Beechwood Junior School

Education sector employees report higher levels of stress, anxiety and depression than within many other occupational areas. Resilience can be key to tackling many of these issues by insuring that staff have organisational and personal strategies so that they can “bounce back” from difficult experiences, whether it be inspection, organisational change or conflict.

By the end of the workshop you will:
• Understand what personal resilience is
• Be aware of why resilience is important in the workplace and what factors can impact it
• Know how to measure and build personal and organisational resilience
• Know the positive impact building resilience can have and design personalised strategies to achieve resilience


Safeguarding Training

Monday 6 November • 9:30am - 3:30pm • Beechwood Junior School

We are very aware that in this ever changing education landscape we often run out of time to think about or implement changes that affect our safeguarding polices and practice.

• What do you think you may be asked on a safeguarding audit?
• Do you need an opportunity to forensically consider a wide range of safeguarding aspects?
• How do you make sense of and find the time to consider and digest safeguarding documents in detail?
• What are the most recent changes to safeguarding procedures and documentation you need to be aware of?
• For Hamwic schools - This will tell you have to answer the questions you will be asked during your audit in the coming year.


Negotiation Skills

Wednesday 8 November • 9am - 4pm • Beechwood Junior School

There is need for negotiation during our working lives, whether it is with suppliers, customers or colleagues and the absence of effective skills can be to the detriment of your organisation. This course will help develop delegates’ skills and ensure longer-lasting effective relationships. Delegates will develop the understanding and use of negotiating skills in a variety of working situations such as: with colleagues, buying and selling, contracts and tenders.
Participants will learn about:
• Negotiating situations
• Win-win situations
• Preparation
• The negotiation process
• The essential skills of negotiating
• The bargaining process
• Closing the deal


Giving Effective Presentations

Thursday 9 November • 9am - 4pm • Beechwood Junior School

This workshop will benefit anyone who is required to give presentations; a trainer, a meeting facilitator, speaker, or seminar discussion leader. No matter which role you are assuming, this workshop will help you to become more skilled in providing information to others in an engaging and proficient manner.

By the end of the workshop participants will have:
• Improved confidence when giving presentations
• A toolkit of presentation methods they can select to effectively meet the needs of audience, purpose and context
• Strategies to speak out with confidence and knock down nervousness
• The opportunity to try out their new skills in a supportive and non-critical environment


Normalising Mental Health & Improving Wellbeing

Monday 13 November • 9:30am - 12:30pm • Beechwood Junior School

The workshop, facilitated by the Hamwic HR Team aims to provide individuals with a good understanding of Mental Health and potential strategies that can be implemented to improve overall Wellbeing.
The Normalising Mental Health Workshop is designed to introduce the topic of mental health, increase mental health awareness and build support in the workplace.
Participants will learn how to:
• Identify common types of Mental Health issues
• Differentiate between Neurotic & Psychotic Mental Health Problems
• Identify signs and symptoms of stress
• Establish positive coping strategies
• Seek further advice and support


A-Z Mental Health - A Comprehensive Guide

Tuesday 14 November • 10am - 1pm • Beechwood Junior School

This half-day course is for senior management who want a comprehensive overview of best practices with regard to the management of mental health within the organisation.
The course is delivered by a Consultant Occupational Psychiatrist with extensive experience in the issues you may be facing with your staff.
Attendance will help you develop a working understanding of how to best use Occupational Health professionals to obtain the correct diagnosis from the outset; ultimately saving the school time and money.


Building Strong Teams

Wednesday 15 November • 9am - 12pm • Beechwood Junior School

High performing teams are the key to a successful department and high school standards. As a middle leader in a school you have limited time with your team, so building an ethos of support and camaraderie can be tricky. This course gives leaders the skills to assess the performance of their teams and provides a toolkit to taken them on a journey to grow outstanding teams.

By the end of the workshop you will have:
• Developed an understanding of the importance of a strong team
• Assessed the level of performance of your own team
• An understanding of the steps needed to build a strong team
• Recognised your role as a leader in building a strong team
• Produced a strategy to create the strongest team possible